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New Jersey Cutting Board

New Jersey Cutting Board

$ 18.95

The New Jersey shaped cutting board is quite literally the greatest way to prepare and/or serve the simple, yet delicious Pork Roll Sandwich.

A simple sandwich that highlights the flavors and convince of a great breakfast, very much like the New Jersey shaped cutting board – a simple 3/4″ bamboo cutting board that highlights the unique lines and markings of New Jersey, while bringing convince and a touch of inspiration to the kitchen.

We can personalize the board with a family name, persons name, or a a heart/star icon on a specific town/city.

--All States are available, just let us know if you would like another state when checking out! --

We DO NOT use a cheap cutting board from Walmart or Totally Bamboo like most engraved boards found around Etsy. We cut and engrave each board to order, using hand selected bamboo plyboo.

Using highly renewable, locally sourced material, we create cutting boards that are so nice you may have a hard time cutting on it for the first time. But trust us, use them... our boards can take it.

After we finish up engraving the New Jersey Cutting Board, it goes through a hand finishing process that would make the board blush if it could, then we have your cutting board out the door and on it's way via Priority Mail!

Our New Jersey Cutting board is approx. 12″ long x 3/4″ thick for our standard size and 10" x 3/4" for our mini picnic size board.

*Specifications - All boards are designed within a 12" square for our standard size and a 10" square for our picnic size, the states long side will be about 10" for the mini and 12" for our standard size and width would vary on the state itself. State shape dictates the overall cutting surface which we try to maximize while still maintaining the shape of the state for more narrower states.



- Choose the town/city you would like a heart placed. (optional)

- Enter the person or families name exactly as you want it displayed on the cutting board, along with the placement. We us a "Bookman" font - if you would like a different font, no problem! Just let us know the specific font name and we'll make it happen! (optional)


You know it! Send us a convo and we can figure something out!

Please note:

Our cutting boards are created one at a time, providing a truly unique finish to your board. Make sure to note that our boards will appear slightly different than pictured due to the bamboo being used. The color and markings of the bamboo will be as unique to the state it represents.