Store Bought Pizza Dough Trader Joes vs. Whole Foods

Store Bought Pizza Dough – Trader Joes vs. Whole Foods

Store bought pizza dough is an easy go to option for quick homemade pizza. It’s Friday night, and you want to throw together a quick homemade pizza. If you don’t have time for a super quick and easy homemade pizza dough, well it’s time to use the next best thing. Store bought pizza dough isn’t the devil, as some may say. Store bought pizza dough is actually an amazing substitute if you get the right dough. But what is the right store bought pizza dough?

In my experience there are really only a few types of store bought pizza dough to try, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s dough. Most other store bought dough you will find are flash frozen, and can at times most definitely taste the difference.

For sure the best store bought pizza dough you can get is from Whole Foods. The dough is most commonly found in their pre-made fresh whole foods pizza doughfoods section. You should find the pizza dough next to the meats and cheese isle. Whole Foods pizza dough is made fresh in-house so you really are getting the closest thing to homemade pizza dough. The dough is easy to work with on your cutting board, comes in a 16 ounce ball that can be turned into a large regular crust pizza or a few medium thin crust pizza’s. When it comes to store bough pizza dough, Whole Foods should always be the choice. It sells for $2.99 in my area.

Trader Joe’s pizza dough comes in 3 variety’s, regular, whole-wheat, and herb… and none of them are particularly great. The dough is pretty difficult to work with, not chewy, and really just doesn’t cook to well. I’ve tried it all with Trader Joe’s dough 25+ times and without fail, the dough never thoroughly cooked all the way. After trying to cook it regularly in the oven, par-bake it, use a pizza stone, grilled, nothing. The Trader Joe’s dough would always have some left over dough that wasn’t cooked.

So why are you talking about Trader Joe’s pizza dough if it’s so poor when cooking? Well, that’s because it does have other uses we could apply it too and people all have different tastes. I’ve found that it s a great store bought pizza dough if you need to make a paper thin pizza on our cutting board, crispy appetizer or roll up before your homemade pizza.  It also works particularly well for dessert pizzas, which is when I will still use it if I’m in a pinch. If anything, try both store bought pizza dough types and make a decision for yourself. Hell if anything, have a dough ball fight.